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Fredericksburg Region Meeting Minutes 11/9/15

The Fredericksburg Region hosted a successful legislative reception on October 5, 2015.

Senator Bryce Reeves, Senator Stuart’s legislative assistant Dale Herndon, Delegate Bill Howell, Delegate Buddy Fowler, CEO of Mary Washington Hospital Mike McDermott, Douglas Shulte, MD and the VCNP lobbyist Richard Grossman were there with about 40 advanced practice nurses to discuss access to care and barriers to healthcare access.


The Fredericksburg Region presented a free conference for it’s members on November 7, 2015.  Local speakers were: Cherie Wright, NP on Sleep apnea and insomnia, John House, NP on Hepatitis C, Dr Michael Bias Smith on pain management and palliative care, and Sherry Hayes on aortic stenosis.


The next VCNP conference is in March 9-12, 2016 at the Homestead in Warm Springs VA.  Make your room reservations now for lower prices.


The new VCNP website is up and running.  (Which is obvious if you are reading this!)

NPs are still working on aspects of prescriptive authority.

Republicans maintain control of the senate.

The Fredericksburg region has 68 members.

Consider volunteering to be on the board- bring your new ideas and energy!

The next meeting is at The Mercantile on William Street 12/14/15.

We considered having a holiday party.  After discussion, February was a better month to gather for a post-holiday party.  We will discuss possible locations, dates and times a the next meetings.

Submitted 11/15/15 JPSF


Meeting Minutes: August 10, 2015

Meeting Date: August 10, 2015

The Fredericksburg VCNP regional meeting took place at La Petite Auberge.  Our treasurer report was given.

Our next program will be on Alzheimer’s, place to be announced.

Karen reminded us to renew on line if we know our VCNP dues are due.  This will save money if it is done before the mailing goes out.

Timmes reports the state conference is still looking for speakers.  It will be located at the Homestead this year.

Our legislative reception is set for 10/5/15.  we have 3 yes RSVPs so far.  Timmes is set for the catering.

The local fall conference is set for 11/7/15 in the Thompkin-Martins Medical plaza at Mary Washington Hospital, classroom A and B beginning at 7:45.  This will give the Moss Free Clinic time for a short presentation.  There has been no contact back from Dr Suthar on a pain management presentation.  Michelle Porthouse will reach out to Dr Byas-Smith to speak on pain instead.

The topic was on Ofrezza, the new inhaled insulin by an Endocrinologist from Northern VA.

After the business meeting, discussion was held regarding donating to the PAC for the VCNP.  It was unanimous that we would like to donate as a group.  $200.00 was the amount decided for the donation.  Tiffany will send it in.

Submitted 8/12/15 JPSF

Meeting Minutes: July 13, 2015

Meeting Date: July 13, 2015

7/13/15  VCNP Fredericksburg VA regional meeting:


The legislative reception is set for 10/5/15 from 6-8pm at the Moss Free Clinic in Fredericksburg.  A Home page announcement was posted for this on the VCNP website.  So far, Mark Coles has said he will attend and Mr Stuart is a maybe.  Lisa from Public Relations will see if the Board of Nursing will give us a listing of local NPs so we can invite them all to the reception.  An invitation will be posted at Mary Washington Hospital.


Karen from Membership stated we have #74 NPs in our region.  The goal of the entire VCNP is to increase membership by 50% and there was discussion of possible scholarships or tuition paid to conferences if they sign up as a VCNP member.  The members present agreed that we would not like the idea of obtaining money from pharmaceutical companies for this.  We also agreed that when CEUs were offered for the monthly programs, the attendance was about double what it is presently.


Pratt Medical Center is now Sentara.


The local Fredericksburg Fall conference is set for 11/7/15 and will be free to all VCNP members.  Debi Rhodes from The Moss Free Clinic has requested to speak for the first 10 minutes about their purpose and theie need for volunteers at the clinic.


Dr Hines, GYN; Dr Mercado, OBGYN; Dr Harrington, family practice; and Reese Medical Center, family practice; are all looking for NPs.


The Pharmaceutical presentation was given on Horizant for Postherpetic Neuralgia.


The next meeting is on Diabetes and will be at La Petite on 8/10/15.


Submitted 7/20/15 JPSF

Meeting Minutes: September 14, 2015

Meeting Date: September 14, 2015

The regional VCNP Fredericksburg meeting was held at the Mercantile restaurant.

We will not be meeting next month (October) since we will be hosting the legislative reception on 10/5/15.  Please check the VCNP website for talking points if you plan to attend so we can present a unified NP group.  The Legislative reception will be held at the Moss Free Clinic from 6-8pm.

Treasurer’s report from Tiffany Simmons included $125 we received as our portion of the dues paid by our members.

For public relations, Lisa Keel will pursue a proclamation from the mayor for NP week 11/9-11/15/15.  Since ad space in the newspapers was cost prohibitive, she will also look into putting an article or ad into The Front Porch newspaper.

For membership, Karen Hlywa asked all members to check the VCNP and their email for membership renewal and to pay dues as soon as possible please.  Karen also spoke about NP ambassador programs to recruit student members, ambassadors to discuss and promote the VCNP, and asked if we would like to contribute to this program as a gesture of good faith and encouragement.

Delisa Showers for Awards and Nominations requested award submissions.

Cherie Wright discussed the President’s call she attended and discussed a grant program for money dispersion that was left over from paid dues.

Timmye Ross for the State Conference reported they are conference calling every 2 weeks.  The next conference is at the Homestead in Hot Springs VA.

Our local NP fall conference is set for 11/7/15 starting at 7:45 in the Tompkin Martins Medical Plaza on Mary Washington Hospital campus.

Snowden is looking for an NP to do admission H and P’s on patients Friday, Saturday and Sundays.  Speak to Elizabeth Wheatley if interested.

Submitted 9/21/15 JPSF

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