Meeting Minutes: July 13, 2015

Meeting Date: July 13, 2015

7/13/15  VCNP Fredericksburg VA regional meeting:


The legislative reception is set for 10/5/15 from 6-8pm at the Moss Free Clinic in Fredericksburg.  A Home page announcement was posted for this on the VCNP website.  So far, Mark Coles has said he will attend and Mr Stuart is a maybe.  Lisa from Public Relations will see if the Board of Nursing will give us a listing of local NPs so we can invite them all to the reception.  An invitation will be posted at Mary Washington Hospital.


Karen from Membership stated we have #74 NPs in our region.  The goal of the entire VCNP is to increase membership by 50% and there was discussion of possible scholarships or tuition paid to conferences if they sign up as a VCNP member.  The members present agreed that we would not like the idea of obtaining money from pharmaceutical companies for this.  We also agreed that when CEUs were offered for the monthly programs, the attendance was about double what it is presently.


Pratt Medical Center is now Sentara.


The local Fredericksburg Fall conference is set for 11/7/15 and will be free to all VCNP members.  Debi Rhodes from The Moss Free Clinic has requested to speak for the first 10 minutes about their purpose and theie need for volunteers at the clinic.


Dr Hines, GYN; Dr Mercado, OBGYN; Dr Harrington, family practice; and Reese Medical Center, family practice; are all looking for NPs.


The Pharmaceutical presentation was given on Horizant for Postherpetic Neuralgia.


The next meeting is on Diabetes and will be at La Petite on 8/10/15.


Submitted 7/20/15 JPSF

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