Meeting Minutes: September 14, 2015

Meeting Date: September 14, 2015

The regional VCNP Fredericksburg meeting was held at the Mercantile restaurant.

We will not be meeting next month (October) since we will be hosting the legislative reception on 10/5/15.  Please check the VCNP website for talking points if you plan to attend so we can present a unified NP group.  The Legislative reception will be held at the Moss Free Clinic from 6-8pm.

Treasurer’s report from Tiffany Simmons included $125 we received as our portion of the dues paid by our members.

For public relations, Lisa Keel will pursue a proclamation from the mayor for NP week 11/9-11/15/15.  Since ad space in the newspapers was cost prohibitive, she will also look into putting an article or ad into The Front Porch newspaper.

For membership, Karen Hlywa asked all members to check the VCNP and their email for membership renewal and to pay dues as soon as possible please.  Karen also spoke about NP ambassador programs to recruit student members, ambassadors to discuss and promote the VCNP, and asked if we would like to contribute to this program as a gesture of good faith and encouragement.

Delisa Showers for Awards and Nominations requested award submissions.

Cherie Wright discussed the President’s call she attended and discussed a grant program for money dispersion that was left over from paid dues.

Timmye Ross for the State Conference reported they are conference calling every 2 weeks.  The next conference is at the Homestead in Hot Springs VA.

Our local NP fall conference is set for 11/7/15 starting at 7:45 in the Tompkin Martins Medical Plaza on Mary Washington Hospital campus.

Snowden is looking for an NP to do admission H and P’s on patients Friday, Saturday and Sundays.  Speak to Elizabeth Wheatley if interested.

Submitted 9/21/15 JPSF