Shenandoah region- General Meeting Minutes April 2019

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

April 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2019

Members in attendance:  Monica Heck, Erin Morris, Barbara Call, Diana Oddenino and Maretta Yoder

NP Students in attendance:  Sarah Gibson and Maria Circosta

Meeting Location:  Taste of Thai Restaurant. Harrisonburg, VA.

Business Meeting:  

  1.  Future meetings were discussed. 

-9/19/19-sponsored by Sanofi Pharmaceutical.  Diabetes Management. 

Location:  Montpelier Restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA.

-11/21/19– Allison Chupp NP will speak about opening her own practice/clinic. 

Location:  TBD.

  • Discussion regarding autonomous practice and the challenges associated with obtaining this licensure.  Several members have applied for and received independent practice. 
  • Erin Morris, president, discussed multiple VCNP committees which the Shenandoah region still needs representation on.  Currently we only have the membership committee covered.  Diana Oddenino graciously agreed to sit on the public relations committee.  Thanks Diana!
  • The group further discussed ways we could promote nurse practitioner’s in our region.  Ideas included:  more on-line exposure, daily news record articles, assistance of Jenny Hansborough with Sentara RMH, participation in local 5K’s, etc…
  • Discussion continued regarding the on-going challenges in getting our local nurse practitioners involved in VCNP. 
  • Diana Oddenino made a motion that the Shenandoah region board members would have their annual VCNP conference fee paid for by the region as a thanks for their service.  The motion received a second and passed unanimously.  This will begin starting 2020. 

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

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