Frederickburg region meeting minutes 7/10/17

Our philanthropy project, Empowerhouse , is hosting a fund-raising ” pie social”.  Groups or individuals can give donations which are designated by pie names.  Our region will sponsor a “Whoopie Pie” level donation for $500.00.  We will get four free tickets, and additional tickets can be purchased for $75 a piece.

The local board will meet to plan the events for the next 12 months at Orofino’s on 7/12/17 at 6:30pm.

Linda shared an update on the state conference.  She is interested in participant info, so get her names of speakers you’ve liked in the past.

Membership is 76.

Award and nominations will be forthcoming.  We will get together to brainstorm and submit some nominations.

Donna Bowser at Moss Free Clinic is retiring.


Submitted 7/13/17 JPSF


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