VCNP Shenandoah Region November 2021 Meeting Minutes

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

November 2021 Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2021

Members in attendance:  Barbara Call FNP-BC, Maretta Yoder FNP-C, Amy Graham, FNP-BC, Kymber Beers FNP-BC, Erin Morris FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, Heather Codding FNP-BC, Susan Adamson FNP-C, Lori Conyers FNP-C, Monica Heck FNP-C

NP students in attendance:  Kara Monger, Allison Monterrozo, Danielle Butler

Meeting Location:  Vito’s Restaurant.  Harrisonburg, Virginia

Presentation:  Guidelines on the use of Antipsychotics for Patients with Schizophrenia

Speaker:  Rimma Wolfe Pharm D

Business Meeting:  

  1.  Introductions were made.  Welcome to NP students in attendance.
  •  Susan Adamson FNP-C updated us on the Free clinic.  Huge success and a blessing to the Harrisonburg community.  They are in their new building.    
  • Discussion of upcoming elections.  VCNP will handle ballot for the Shenandoah region.  Still need a treasurer. 
  • Discussion of membership; renewal occurred in September for anyone who missed it. 
  • Amy Graham, our legislative rep encouraged members to contribute to the PAC.  We were also encouraged to share with VCNP any success stories regarding autonomous practice. 
  • Discussion regarding the new incentive to precept students.  Any nurse practitioner who precepts students was encouraged to sign up. 
  • Future meetings were discussed.  Plan to keep four meetings a year, the 3rd Thursday in February, April, September and November.  Erin Morris will be the speaker in February of 2022.  Topic TBD with plans to apply for CE credit. 

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

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