Anthem cuts reimbursement rates

One of Virginia’s largest insurance companies is lowering reimbursement rates for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. VCNP’s president-elect recently Olivia Newby spoke to the reporter of the Virginia Mercury article. 

Olivia Newby said there would be an “absolutely devastating” effect on Primary Care Specialists, the independent practice where she works. The cuts would end up reaching the surrounding community, she added — predominantly working-class people of color.

“We were already busy, overwhelmed, short-staffed in trying to accommodate the patients,” Newby said, pointing out that nurse practitioners make up half of the providers on her practice’s four-person medical staff. “That loss of income may mean we can’t afford support staff. Or maybe we put off buying new equipment. It’s that trickle-down effect that impacts the quality of patient care.”

Have you seen this news from Anthem? How will this change in reimbursement rates impact your practice? Share with us.

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