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Fredericksburg region VCNP board meeting minutes

The local board met for a meeting 1/27/16 to discuss our goals for the Fredericksburg group in 2016 and discuss planning long range events.

We will be hosting our “After the Holidays” gathering for all our Fredericksburg VCNP members on 2/20/16 at the Idlewild clubhouse, 2280 Idlewild Blvd in Fredericksburg.  All members are invited and encouraged to bring another member, student, or a potential future member to the party.  We hope to host at least 30 people.  Basilico will be catering.

We discussed our desire to be more involved with philanthropy projects in the future.  Please bring any and all ideas for possible organizations we could contribute to in some way in 2016 to the post holiday gathering as well!  We can brainstorm and tentatively plan some future projects/donations.

Our legislative chair updated us on the NP bills that are going before the VA General Assembly.  There are 5 NP bills that will be introduced concerning the collaborative practice agreement requirement in VA.  Full support of these bills by all members is important and has included emails that could be forwarded to legislators.

Discussion was held regarding how often we should have Fredericksburg Region VCNP meetings.  They have been held every month for the past few years because of the large number of pharmaceutical reps that were interested in hosting and speaking with NPs.  The reps who are able to do this have dwindled, and there was discussion of whether we should pay for our own meals and have a business meeting, whether we could apply for CE’s again and pay for our meals, or whether our limited number of reps could host a meeting, provide the meal and give a sponsored lecture.  Discussion was held regarding continuing monthly meetings during the year and taking the summer off.  We will discuss and vote at our next planned meeting whether to continue meeting with sponsored meals and lectures every other month.

The treasurer reported we now have consolidated our checking, savings and CD into one account.  We have enough money to host the holiday gathering, discuss yearly philanthropy projects and plan another local CE conference possibly for May of next year.

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