VCNP-Peninsula Region Business Meeting Minutes September 18, 2019

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Date(s) - 9/18/2019
6:00 pm


I. The meeting was opened by Cheryl Reeser President-Elect at 1945. All were welcomed.
TOPIC: A Treatment Option for Adult Patient with refractory MAC Lung Disease.
SPONSOR: ARIKAYCE Insmed, Inc. Presented by Carlos Silva, MD,Pulmonary & Critical Care Specialists, Virginia Medical Specials, Norfolk, VA.
1. There was one student member present.
2. One new member was present.
3. One guest was present.
II. New Business
1. Update from State VCNP: CHeryl Reeser, president elect discussed these topics.
a. Recommendations to increase membership in VCNP were discussed.
b. Continue to encourage inactive members to rejoin.
2. Members should pay close attention to all emails and request for support.
a. Tidewater Legislative Reception- This event is sponsored by the VNA Hampton Roads Chapter and the
VCNP Tidewater and Peninsula Regions. With support from:
– National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
– Virginia Association of DNPs
– American College of Nurse Midwives
– American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
b. Save the Date “Pharmfest” is in January 2020 in Charlottesville- Piedmont Region
III. Committee Reports
1. Secretary report- Dr. Hazel Ruff stated that all of the dinner minutes are posted on the website.
Please review.
2. Treasurer report- Amber Stenson present and reported that $11,886.96 is in checking account and $5 is in
savings account. The CD account balance is $1300.
3. Membership report- Krystyna reported that we are still trying to increase our membership. She
encouraged members to recruit co-workers and students. We have 69 active members, there were 114.
Members were encouraged to renew their membership. We have an active NP Facebook for current
4. Government Relations representative-Pam Biernacki discussed these topics:
-Check the VCNP webinar for “Full Scope Practice” . Autonomy Practice Applications are open, and
information is available on the VCNP website,
-She discussed the need for all NPs to consider supporting the PAC program.
-Conference representative Julie Lear was present reiterated these discussions: The annual March 4-7 2020
conference will be held in Norfolk VA. Pre-Conference is on March 4, 2020.
5. Public Relations-Stephanie King reported about some of the plans for National NP week, November 2019.
She read an invitation from VNA Gala Committee- more information will be posted on the Face Book. Dawn
Keeging is a Nurse Practitioner running for political office in November.
Secretary Dr. Hazel Ruff has volunteered to remain in this office. Treasurer, Amber Stenson has agreed to
stay in this office.
a. The executive board discussed voted to continue to support The Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodging and
Provisions (HELP) and the Food Bank. The association will match the total monies collected in each
business meeting and give as a donation to the two food banks. Treasurer, Amber Stenson will dispense
the donation to the two food banks.
b. Constant Contact: Reminder to all that the email program that VCNP has chosen to use is Constant
Constant Contact is seen as spam by some servers. Please set your spam settings to accept these
c. The state has selected has selected a Malpractice Insurance carrier to partner with- Coverys- VCNP
members will get a discount.
VI. JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS. Check the vagov,com for State jobs online.
We will try to work on posting minutes in a user friendly manner. Cheryl and Hazel will seek guidance
from Amy Sales in the Richmond office.
a. November Dinner Meeting, Nov. 20. 2019 (Schlesinger’s in Newport News
b. December Dinner Meeting, Antiviral for Influenza.
c. January Dinner Meeting, COPD January 15, 2020.
Donation Collection: $129 +$129 = $258 matching funds from VCNP- Peninsula will be split 50/50 Peninsula Food Bank/ HELP Inc.
VIII. ADJOURNMENT: Cheryl Reeser adjourned the meeting. Please forward any information you may have for future meetings to Jemecia Braxton or Cheryl Reeser.
Next meeting November 2019.
Post Business Meeting Topic: PAC (Political Action Committee) donation envelopes are on all tables. Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year for political support to move NP friendly issues forward with the ultimate goal of Full Scope Practice. VCNP as a group cannot donate. All donation must come from individuals. Please consider a donation.

Respectfully submitted by Hazel. L. Ruff

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