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We did it!

We did it! Yesterday Governor Northam signed HB 1737, which will be effective July 1, 2021. In the meantime, NPs with two or more years of clinical experience can continue practicing autonomously under EO 57 during Virginia’s COVID-19 state of emergency. Thanks to everyone who supported our efforts, and congratulations!

HB 1737: Ask the Governor to sign our bill!

HB 1737 has been communicated to Governor Northam. Because this has been done with sufficient time left until the Special Session concludes, it is now considered a seven-day bill. This means the Governor now has until midnight on February 26 to sign, veto, or amend the legislation.

Contact Governor Northam now and ask him to sign HB 1737!

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HB 1737: Our bill passed the Senate

Thank you for all of your work!

Great news! Our bill passed the Senate. Depending on when our bill is communicated to the Governor, there is a possibility he will sign, amend or VETO this legislation prior to February 27, when the General Assembly adjourns. Otherwise the Governor will have 30 days to do so after they adjourn.

We will be in communication with the Governor’s office as he reviews the bill.

Quick THANK YOU and request to keep contacting your legislators!

Quick THANK YOU to ALL of you who have contacted your legislators. We have sent nearly a dozen blasts, and they will continue. Each time we contact you for help, it’s in response to specific committee discussions. Your legislative contacts are answering legislator questions and educating them every step of the way to move our bill forward!

This session is moving very quickly and our bill is progressing! THANK YOU for your quick response and legislative contacts.


Members will continue to receive emails with requests to contact legislators. Please respond and share with colleagues, friends, and other NP supporters!

HB 1737 Update: Our bill is advancing – continue to contact your legislators


HB 1737 will be heard in full committee on Tuesday, January 26.

Today the Health Professions Subcommittee of the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee heard Delegate Dawn Adams’ legislation, which would permanently reduce the clinical experience needed for autonomous practice from five years to two years. Speaking in favor of the legislation included VCNP president Becky Compton as well as Clareen Wiencek, advanced practice program director at the University of Virginia School of Nursing, who presented solid testimony emphasizing the considerable education and training NPs receive in school. Also speaking in favor were Mary Kay Goldschmidt for the Virginia Nurses Association and Elizabeth Cushing of AARP. We are pleased to report that our bill received unanimous support in subcommittee and both Delegate Adams and Delegate Robinson spoke in favor of the legislation during debate.

Speaking against the bill included MSV and its specialty societies for medical students, emergency room physicians and family doctors. Some of these concerns were later raised again by Delegate Karrie K. Delaney, who we knew was on the fence about how she was going to vote on this bill. She said through the testimony given, she was more comfortable that NP education and training was sufficient for autonomous practice but that she would be considering additional information before committing her final vote in full committee. The full committee will next meet at 9 am on Tuesday, January 26. Typically bills that are heard in subcommittee are not reheard in full committee, unless a member on the full committee wants to re-open the debate. It is important that the full committee continue to hear from VCNP members over the weekend and throughout Monday in order to keep this bill moving forward.

How can you help? Here’s how!

Use the Muster advocacy system to contact your legislators. VCNP Members received an email this afternoon with information on how to connect, or they can log in to their member profile and look for the latest Muster campaign under the “Advocacy” tab.

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2021 VNA Lobby Days

VNA will host their 2021 Lobby Days next week!

What’s a Lobby Day?
It’s a day to advocate for nurses and the nursing profession! We will meet with legislators to talk about 2021 legislation and issues including full practice authority for APRNs and much more.

What if I’ve never met with a legislator before?
Don’t worry! We will have staff and experienced nurses to help lead the way, as well as prepared talking points and leave-behind sheets. Additionally, we will  have a pre-session training webinar available, which will optionally be available online. 

Do I have to be a VNA member? 
No! We encourage ALL nurses to join us. Please share this information with anyone who might be interested!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our events this year will be held virtually with a number of changes to the format. This year’s legislative session is potentially going to be shortened to 30 days, and legislators can only carry 8 bills forward during session, so we are anticipating that much of the action will occur in the beginning of the legislative session this year.

All nurses are welcome to join us – you do not have to be a VNA member to attend. 

Our sessions will last approximately one hour and will include an overview of our policy platform, our bill progress, tools for reaching legislators, and talking points to share with them about our current legislation.

Before the meeting, we will encourage all attendees to contact one or both of their legislators to set up an individual virtual meeting. Many legislators are scheduling these via Zoom during session as they would regular meetings, and we will provide the materials about our policy platform to leave behind and tips for having successful meetings.

2021 Lobby Days dates:

  • Monday, January 18, 2021 @ 9am
  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021 @ 9am
  • Thursday, January 21, 2021 @ 9am
  • Thursday, January 21, 2021 @ 12pm
  • Friday, January 22, 2021 @ 9am

Events and Conferences

1st Pharmfest planning committee for 2022

Regional leadership meeting

3/2/2022 - 3/5/2022

2022 VCNP Annual Conference
3/2/2022 - 3/5/2022