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Fredericksburg Regional VCNP Board Meeting


From the state conference: There have been 991 applications for autonomous practice. Digital NP licenses are being issued. NP Wright confirmed that her autonomous practice was listed on her digital license. Credentials Lang is still a problem and practices and hospitals.

2020 is the year of the nurse with the focus on advocaty and the ability of nurses to adapt.

There are still issues with in person meetings. There are still issues of lack of participation. Brain storming new ways to engage with telehealth and providing more regional support was discussed. There is some threat loss of jobs.

From membership: Considering virtual live chats, remote meetings, and non voting members having membership roles. Automatic license renewal. Constant contact was approved for education and the VCNP is paying the yearly fee.

From the regional CE planner, Conference planner and Public Relations: considering an alternative to the largest late of reception. Considering implicit bias training for the conference. Paying for a lawyer. Having a representative for state legislator.

Discussing philanthropy possibilities for the spring: Reach out and Read, Fredericksburg Area Service league, the Dr. Yum project,, Discussed Juan More Taco providing meals for the elderly and people donating money for them to continue doing this. Decision was made to grant a $250 check to Juan More Taco to continue their good deeds.

Courtney Miller’s husband had a medical crisis, she works at Elite Woman, Hishani will reach out to find out what address or contributions we can make to their go fund me account.

September meeting -Hishani Perera was asked to present her Doctorate Thesis and poster that she presented for the VCNP conference for CE for our next local meeting.

VCNP’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

The events of recent weeks have brought feelings of anger, sadness, pain and confusion. VCNP is committed to supporting our black, brown and African American colleagues, patients and communities and to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization and profession. As an association of healthcare professionals, it is our responsibility to use our platform for justice. We will be meeting as a Board this weekend and will follow-up next week regarding action steps we will take to further this mission.

Supporting NPs During COVID-19

Updated April 20, 2020

COVID-19 is presenting NPs, and the nation, with an unprecedented health care challenge while placing considerable demands and stressors on NPs, both professionally and personally. VCNP is working to share resources and support our members during this time. We hope you will refer to this web page to find valuable online resources and updates as they impact your practice during this time. Please let us know how we can continue supporting you by contacting us at

Professional resources


Children & Teens

Mental health

VCNP Communications

Email to VCNP membership sent March 17: COVID-19 Update

Email to VCNP membership sent March 23: COVID-19 Update

Email to VCNP membership sent March 26: COVID-19 Update

Email to VCNP membership sent April 11: COVID-19 Barrier Request

Email to VCNP membership sent April 20: CMS Cares

Email to VCNP membership sent May 1: Member Resources

Email to VCNP membership sent May 8: Nurses Week and CMS Update

Email to VCNP membership sent May 18: COVID-19 Update

Fredericksburg Region VCNP meeting minutes 3/9/2020

Meeting was held at Castiglia’s, sponsored by Amovig for Migraines.

Rachel Farrar has agreed to President Elect role.

Hishani Perera graduated her DNP program 12/2019 and will now be State Conference Committee Chair. She presented her poster at the VCNP conference. Her doctorate project won 2 awards:

Nicole Brooks, Membership, updated us on the last call meeting. Having CEs at the local meetings make NPs attend more meetings. They are considering automatic renewal for VCNP membership and dues. VCNP liked the fact that the last few meetings included NPs and PAs.

Timmye Ross, Public Relations chair, informed us there is a new form to obtain CEs for the group.

Linda Hazelgren, president, Shared that Jill Sarbaugh, NP with Cardiology Associates will be doing a talk on the Watchman procedure for our group.

Consideration for a Autumn local conference.

Consideration of a philanthropy project for the spring. Linda has done the presentation for “Athletes Don’t” a few times. This is about going in to high schools and educating/talking about the hazards of vaping.

Volunteer opportunities at Living Waters, Moss Free Clinic.

Moss Free Clinic is sponsoring a 5K run.

Next meeting Orofino’s on Invokana 4/13/2020.

Submitted 3/12/2020 JPSF

Shenandoah Region-General Meeting Minutes February 2020

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

February 2020 Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2020

Members in attendance:  Maria Circosta, Barbara Call, Amy Graham, Maretta Yoder, Erin Morris, Beth Poore-Bowman, Sue Klassen

NP Students in attendance:  Kymber Beers, Heather Codding

Meeting Location:  Rocktown Kitchen, Harrisonburg Virginia

Business Meeting:  

  1.  Future meetings were discussed.

-April 16, 2020 will be at Montpelier restaurant in Harrisonburg.  Speaker:  Grayce Kim- Pharmacist with Gilead Sciences.  Topic:  “Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease State Overview.”

-Future Meetings for 2020:  9/17/2020, and 11/19/2020

  • Erin Morris shared that she is stepping down as President.  Maria Circosta will move into this role effective immediately.
  •  Topics for future meetings were discussed:

-Dr. Domingus- Motivational Interviewing

-Dr. Kent Folsom- x-ray lectures

-Dr. Schofield- cardiologist- lifestyle medication

-Dr. Martin- rheumatologist- Lupus

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah Region-General Meeting Minutes November 2019

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

November 2019 Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2019

Members in attendance:  Maria Circosta, Barbara Call, Amy Graham, Chris Moore, Andrea Knopp, Kasey Saunders, Allison Chupp, Maretta Yoder, Vicky Sullivan, Mary Faith Dudley, Sharon Strang, Susan Adamson, Sarah Stowell 

NP Students in attendance:  Kymber Beers, Heather Codding, Cheryl Miller, Allison MonterroZo, Ashley Singleton, Emily Johnson, Crystal O’Connor, Sarah Gibson, Natalie Detrich

Meeting Location:  Taste of Thai Restaurant. Harrisonburg, VA.

Speaker:  Allison Chupp FNP discussed details regarding the start up and daily operations of her NP run health clinic, North Mountain Clinic in Broadway VA. 

Business Meeting:  

  1.  Future meetings were discussed.  Further details TBD. 

-Dates tentatively set for 2/20/20, 4/16/2020, 9/24/2020, and 11/19/2020

  • Maria Circosta shared information from the VCNP Board Meeting:

– Lynchburg and Charlottesville CME opportunities.

– Education regarding dangers of vaping.

– Further discussion about opioids and prescribing practices. 

-There was extensive discussion regarding autonomous practice.  There is frustration with the low number of NP’s in Virginia obtaining their license to practice independently- only 15% of eligible NP’s have obtained the licensure.  Eligible nurse practitioners are encouraged to apply for this license.  VCNP is willing to help members through the attestation process if needed.  VCNP is looking into targeting AANP members residing in Virginia for membership.

     -There was discussion about adding a student liaison to the board as a non-voting member,

       but details regarding their role and length of term need to be finalized. 

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

CMS Final Rule: NP and PA Preceptor Documentation Updates – Success!

Susanne J. Phillips, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Posted By: Susanne J. Phillips, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC on |November 29, 2019

To access original post visit:–success-

On November 1, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rule, which will positively affect the NP and PA preceptor documentation burden. For those of you providing clinical teaching rotations for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) and/or PA students, you may be aware that in March 2018 CMS reduced the documentation burden for physician preceptors. This change authorized teaching physicians to verify and sign student documentation components of evaluation and management (E/M) services rather than have to re-document the work themselves. Unfortunately, this created unintended consequences for APRN and PA preceptors and the students they supervise.

In an era where productivity in patient care has been a major driver of reimbursement, the 2018 rule caused many practices to abruptly discontinue precepting APRN and PA students—creating a crisis in NP and PA education. As a result, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), the American Academy of PAs (AAPA), nursing, and physician stakeholders worked diligently to mobilize their constituencies and to request changes to the 2020 final rule. Through lobbying efforts and regulatory comments, CMS revised the language, thereby creating documentation requirement parity among all clinician preceptors.

Effective January 1, 2020, APRN and PA preceptors may review and verify medical record documentation entered by other licensed health care providers and members of the health care team, as well as student APRNs and PAs. This update will ultimately improve patient access to high-quality health care.

There are additional changes affecting APRN and PA providers including, but not limited to, updates to Medicare telehealth service reimbursement, E/M services documentation and reimbursement, physician supervision requirements for PAs, and payment for transitional care management services. Click the links in the references below for additional information.


VCNP Peninsula Business Meeting 11/20/19

VCNP-Peninsula Region Business Meeting Minutes November 20, 2019 I. The meeting was opened by, Cheryl Reeser President -Elect at 1945. All were welcomed TOPIC: Psoriatic Arthritis Layers of Care, Exploring Options for Patients with Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis of Hidradenitis Suppurative Presented by AbbVie Pharmaceuticals II. There were no new member present. a) New Business 1. Update from State VCNP: Cheryl Reeser, president-elect discussed these topics: a) Julie Lear is the new president elect b) Recommendations to increase membership in VCNP were discussed c) Continue to encourage inactive members to rejoin 2. Members should pay close attention to all emails and request for support. a). Tidewater Legislative Reception -This event is sponsored by the VNA Hampton Roads Chapter and the VCNP Tidewater and Peninsula Regions With support from: • National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners • Virginia Association of DNPs • American College of Nurse Midwives • American Association of Occupational Health Nurses b) Save the date “Pharmfest” is in January 2020 in Charlottesville-Piedmont Region 1. Committee Reports Secretary Report- Dr. Hazel Ruff stated that all the dinner minutes are posted on the website. Please review. 1. Treasurer’s report Amber Stenson present and reported that $13,379.99 is in checking account and $5.00 in saving’s account. CD account has $1406.53 • Budget 2019-2020 is available by request 2. Membership Report: Krystyna Caratachea reported that we are still trying to increase our membership. Encouraged members to recruit co-workers and students. We have 79 active members, there were 114. Members were encouraged to renew their membership. We have an active NP Facebook for current information. 3. Pam Biernacki was not present but President Elect Cheryl Reeser reiterated these discussions • Check the VCNP webinar for “Full Scope Practice” discussions. Autonomy Practice Applications are open, and information is available on the VCNP website. • She discussed the need for all NPs to consider supporting the PAC program. • Conference representative Julie Lear was present reiterated these discussions: The Annual March 4-7 2020 conference will be held in Norfolk VA. Pre-Conference is March 4, 2019. 4. The board positions are open for the next 2 years. See President Resser if you would like to volunteer. A. Public Relations- Stephanie King gave out gifts to all present to commemorate National NP week November 2019. B. Secretary- Dr. Hazel Ruff has volunteered to remain in this office D. Treasurer- Amber Stenson has agreed to stay in this office c) Old Business A. The executive board discussed and voted to continue to support The Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodging and Provisions (H.E.L.P.) (food bank) and Peninsula Food Bank. The association will match the total monies collected in each business meeting and give as a donation to the two food banks. Treasurer, Amber Stenson will dispense the donations to the two food banks. B. Constant Contact: Reminder to all that the email program that VCNP has chosen to use is Constant Contact. Constant Contact is seen as spam by some servers. Please set your spam settings to accept these messages. C. The State has selected a Malpractice Insurance carrier to partner with-Coverys- VCNP members will get a discount. IV. Job Announcements: Check the for State jobs online V. Preceptor Requests/Opportunities: none Announcement: We will try to work on posting minutes in a user-friendly manner. Cheryl and Hazel will seek assistance from Amy Sales in the Richmond office. a) December Dinner Meeting “Antiviral for Influenza” b) January Dinner Meeting “COPD” January 15, 2020 Donation Collection: Amount collected December 18, 2019 $126 Matching funds from VCNP-Peninsula will be split 50\50 Peninsula Food Bank / H.E.L.P. Inc. VI. Adjournment: Cheryl Reeser adjourned meeting. Please forward any information you may have for future meetings to Jemecia Braxton or Cheryl Reeser. Post Business Meeting Topic: PAC (Political Action Committee) donation envelopes are on all the tables. Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year for political support to move NP friendly issues forward with the ultimate goal of Full Scope Practice. VCNP as a group cannot donate. All donations must come from individuals. Please consider a donation. Respectfully submitted, Hazel L. Ruff, Secretary

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