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The 2023 Session of the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1147 and House Bill 1426 which authorize the Board of Medicine to select a continuing education (CE) topic of up to 2 hours in satisfaction of the CE requirement for the renewal of a license. At its October 19, 2023 meeting, the full Board of Medicine thoroughly discussed this new law. It was noted that if the Board chose to implement the law, the first topic would be Human Trafficking. The Board voted to require 1 hour of CE in Human Trafficking for all licensees for the 2024-2025 renewal cycles. The only exception to this requirement is surgical technologists, who are certified not licensed. The Board has the responsibility of notifying its licensees of this requirement prior to January 1 of the next renewal cycle. Please consider this and the recent email to be your notification. Upon your renewal, you will need to attest to the fact that you obtained 1 hour of CE in Human Trafficking. There is excellent online information at no cost on the website of The Polaris Project. Go to Select Human Trafficking from the menu at the top of the homepage. It provides information about “Understanding Human Trafficking”, “Recognizing Human Trafficking”, “Myths, Facts and Statistics”, “Policy & Legislation”, “Resources and Reports”. You can keep clicking through the modules to accumulate an hour of CE. Under “Recognizing Human Trafficking”, you will find “Human Trafficking Training” that has 6 modules. Polaris is a recommendation, but you may utilize another reputable site that provides high-quality content. A Colorado physician that has maintained his Virginia license complied with the requirement within hours of getting the recent notification. His comment was, “I just want to say that the Human Trafficking module was the most unforgettable training experience I have ever been mandated to complete by a state medical board.

3/7/24 Fredericksburg Region Meeting minutes

May 9 will feature a guest speaker on human trafficking and this meeting will be open to ALL NPs. It will be held at 6 Bears and a Goat off of Rt 17 north.

Video and poster for the upcoming VCNP conference was discussed.

The conference basket from our region is a “Balance Basket”- and has yoga and exercise items as well as sweet treats and cute sayings and signage regarding health. So cute! Thanks to Rachel for assembling it and thanks to Nicole for bringing it to the conference!

It is time to think about a legislative meet and greet again. In the past, this has been held at the Moss clinic and well attended by our legislators, senators and local mayor. We hope to get the word out to ALL NPs and CRNAs who would benefit from attending and letting the legislators knowing what our key points and challenges are in this healthcare climate. Ashley, our new Government Relations rep is willing to take this on and will be supported by those who organized it in the past.

HB 971 passed the house and the senate. Waiting for Governor Younkin to sign for it to pass.

A state level VCNP member wants to be admitted to our FB page. She is from Commonwealth PR and is asking to be involved in case our FB administrator officers leave suddenly. We have 3 administrators of our page. We started our page to be able to get information out to our regional members. No support is needed at this time, but we can contact her if needed in the future.

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Fredericksburg Region meeting minutes

Speaker on Genetic testing at Renato’s restaurant.

Consider an unsponsored meeting in May with Michelle Trampe of Central Virginia Justice Association on human trafficking. Check cost of venues considering this will be unsponsored.

Nicole and Carrie will be attending the VCNP conference possibly with Hishani and Angela.

Tiffany gave treasurers report.

Nicole gave member report, we have 51 members.

Government relations rep Ashley reported the HB to have NPs solely under the BON was heard today. Autonomous practice switching permanently to a 2 year requirement.

Next meeting will be at Brock’s with Dr Farmakis of Nephrology Associates.

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Fredericksburg Region VCNP Meeting minutes 1/11/24

President Elect- Hishani Perera

President- Rachel Farrar

Past president- Linda Hazelgren

Secretary- Piper Schlesser-Foresman

Treasurer- Tiffany Simmons

Membership- Joan Carter

Public Relations- Nicole Brooks

Gov relations-

Our philanthropy this year started with a socks and briefs donation to Micah Ecumenical Ministries was well received and appreciated for the Cold Weather Shelter and daily needs.

The 50th Anniversary of the VCNP is this year. The VCNP conference will be 3/13-16/24 in WIlliamsburg. There will be a gala to celebrate.

MWHC will host the Virginia Heart and Vascular Institute Symposium of cardiology updates will be held at the Fredericksburg Convention Center 2/10/24 from 7am-2pm. Cost is $50. Students $25. 6 CME credits will be given, and includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon wine bar.

The Tidewater VCNP region is hosting a virtual pop up NP swag shop. Be on the lookout 1/24/24 for your NP swag!

Next meetings: 2/8/24 on Genetic Testing 3/7/24 on Kidney disease

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