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VCNP Fredericksburg Region Board Meeting 2/17/22.

VCNP conference is March 2-5. Rachel, Nicole and Hishani plan to attend the VCNP conference.
Basket ideas for the conference were discussed. Plan to ask downtown shop Wren and Sparrow to put together a basket. Cost for basket- $150 approved. Timmye will get the basket and Hishani will bring it to the conference.
Dues check received by treasurer.
Dr Fuller died in 2020. Service will be 3/25/22 at St Mary’s. Donations to Scleroderma Foundation for research were requested. $100 donation approved.
2/26/22 Melt the Ice function for black history month. Focusing on Black Health and Wellness. Information regarding Rev Curtis Harris and the program details featuring Dr Joann Harris-Lucas presenting were posted to the VCNP website.

Submitted 2/18/22 JPSF

HB 1245 is on the move!

HB 1245 moves on to the Senate!

YOU DID THIS! You contacted your legislators, and they listened! Thank you!

Don’t stop now! We still need you to connect with your representatives.

Be on the lookout! As HB 1245 moves throughout the legislative process, VCNP will continue to send requests for you to contact legislators.

Please continue to share these messages with colleagues, students, patients, family, friends – all NP supporters!


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