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Shenandoah Region General Meeting Minutes April 2017

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2017



Persons in attendance: Erin Morris, Vicky Sullivan, Christine Yutzy, Lynne Eggert, Susan Adamson, Kaya Norton, Marty Jones, Elizabeth Philpott, Ambi Zeller-Hahn, Ruth Holmaas, Mary Faith Dudley, Barbara Call, Mary Atkins, Sharon Strang Zook, Paige French and Maretta Yoder


Meeting location:  RMH Atrium.  Meal was catered by Taste of Thai Restaurant.


Meeting topic:  “Atrial Fibrillation” by Beth Poore-Bowman NP


Business Meeting:


  1. Minutes from the February 2017 meeting were approved.



  1. Members were encouraged to contribute at least $10.00 to the PAC fund.


  1. It was announced that the Homestead location was being taken out of the VCNP conference rotation. Norfolk Hilton on Main has been added.


  1. Paige French was thanked for putting together the basket from our region for the raffle fundraiser at the VCNP annual conference.


  1. It was announced that the VCNP Membership committee has decided to transition to a once a year cycle for membership renewals.


  1. Shenandoah chapter election results were announced. There were a total of 22 votes with no write-ins.

Newly elected officers include:

President:  Erin Morris, upon licensure

President-elect:  Ruth Holmass

Treasurer:  Vicky Sullivan.



  1. Paige French has graciously agreed to remain chapter president until Erin Morris obtains licensure.


  1. Job openings in the area were announced:

-Free Clinic is hiring a part time NP.

-Hospice is hiring a part-time NP.

-Sentara RMH is hiring multiple positions:

-Outpatient internal medicine with Dr. Urena Hernandez.

-Outpatient family medicine with Dr. Wenger and Monica Clark Covert NP

-Palliative care at the hospital.

-Behavioral health in outpatient clinic.

-Hospitalist day position.


  1. Members and attendees were invited to a Pharmaceutical dinner meeting from Basaglar rep.  Thursday April 27, 2017, 6:30 PM at the Chop House.  Brochure was distributed and members were encouraged to attend.


  1. Next meeting will be held in September 2017.  Date, topic and location TBD.

-Multiple persons have expressed interest in speaking to our group:

-Counselor from Bridgewater College who is a trauma expert and willing to speak on Trauma informed care.

-Pharmaceutical representative from Basaglar.

-Local pharmacist, who is a friend of Amy Graham is willing to speak.


  1. Discussion about a summer meeting by the Eliquis rep with Pfizer. Maretta Yoder will contact representative about a possible dinner meeting in the next 6-8 weeks.



The meeting was then adjourned.


Respectively submitted,


Maretta Yoder, Secretary.

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