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Fredericksburg VCNP board meeting 8/16/16

Discussed service project/community event:  Breast cancer walk is 10/8- does that conflict with pharmacology day at Lewis Ginter Gardens?  Memory walk for Alzheimer’s is 10/15.  Fairy Godmother project gets together every 2 months to get meals together and cook in a group setting.  Mary’s shelter can always use donations of supplies.

Karen Hlywa will call Mary’s shelter to see what they need.  We will collect supplies at the September and October local meetings, letting members know gift cards are also welcome.  Our VCNP will also donate a one time check with the supplies.  The women’s forum will be held 3/2017 toward the end of the month.  We could have local NPs there(with our banner) to hand out pamphlets “what is an NP?” and consider raffling off a basket.


Hishani is working on our banner.  We are requesting a horizontal banner 72×24 inches for $69.00.  It will say VCNP Fredericksburg Region and have the VCNP logo on one side.


Brenda has meetings set up for September and October, consider taking a month off around the holidays.

Consider another “post-holiday” party like last year at the Idlewild clubhouse in January or February.


Discuss local conference in early May, a Friday, like May 5.  Cherie offered to do the CEU’s.  Piper will call the Fick center to see if we can use it for the event, and will report back at the next meeting.


Attendees:  Michelle Porthouse, Sherry Pemberton, Linda Hazelgren, Timmes Ross, Lisa Keel, Brenda Crum, Karen Hlywa, Cherie Wright, Tiffany Simmons, Piper Schlesser.

Fredericksburg VCNP meeting minutes 7/11/16

Introduction for new faces.

Looking for a new volunteer for the VCNP conference committee.  Linda Hazelgren is in that position now.

Looking for board members for next year.

Discuss ideas for community service projects:  T shirt “breast cancer survivor” example, memory walk, any walk.

The board will choose a service project at the meeting next month.

Discuss the Spring 2017 local conference.

We have 79 members now.

Discuss legislative reception in the fall.  Do it this year although we had one last year for the election year, or skip? Voted to skip this year, plan for next year.

Cindy Fagan’s email from the state asking if we want to join the VNA.  We voted against joining.

The Veterans Affairs wants to give full practice authority for all V.A. NPs.  They are accepting comments on the website until July 25.

Dues- please submit for this rotation by Sept 1.

Treasurer gave report.

Public relations chair discussed philanthropy ideas for our group.

August 8, next meeting  on Hereditary cancers at the Market.

Speaker regarding the Zoll Life Vest.


Submitted: 8/17/16 JPSF

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