VCNP Research Project Dissemination Request Form

The Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners (VCNP) provides nurse practitioner students and professional researchers with
assistance in the dissemination of research surveys and projects based on the following guidelines:

  • The student or professional researcher must submit a completed request form (download form below), research proposal for review, list of survey questions, a brief introduction and project description with contact information for distribution email, and evidence of IRB approval.
  • For students, if your school requires a preliminary approval to distribute letter in order to receive IRB approval, VCNP can provide a letter of support or interest if all required materials are provided with the exception of IRB
    approval. Please indicate that you are seeking preliminary approval before submitting the application packet.
  • The proposal packet will be reviewed by VCNP leadership and must be deemed scholarly and demonstrate merit
    towards advancing nursing practice.
  • Results will be shared with VCNP after the survey closes.

For student researchers, there is a $50 administrative fee for non-members. This fee is waived for student members. Join VCNP today!

For professional researchers, there is a $300 administrative fee.
VCNP will provide an email link to the survey for responders or an email address to respond directly to the student or nurse researcher conducting the research. Personal contact information of members will not be provided and may not be requested.

VCNP will have two weeks to review the proposal and provide a response.

If you have questions about this VCNP resource, please reach out.