VCNP Award Descriptions and Winners

Celebrate a fellow NP!

The VCNP requests nominations for NP awards annually. All nominations must be received by the advertised date. The nominees must be a member in good standing. Please submit a letter or nomination describing how the nominee meets the purpose outlined for the award. All applications will be reviewed by the VCNP Nominations & Awards Committee. Final selections for the awards will be made by the committee. The awards will be announced and presented to the recipients at the VCNP Annual Conference in March.

For more information on the VCNP Awards Program, contact staff using the button below.

2024 VCNP Awards Scholarship Winners: Katie Page & Tanya Vermette
2023 VCNP Awards Education Award: Sharon Simon
NP Advocate Award: Morgan McDowell & Valerie Wrobel
Distinguished NP Award: Sylvia Denton
Scholarship Winners: Melody Noble & Sharmaine McCoy
2022 VCNP Awards Education Award: Helen Willis
Rising Star Award: Jennifer Breseman
Scholarship Winners: Morgan McDowell & Alysia Pack
2021 VCNP Awards Distinguished NP Award: Kathleen Putnam
Education Award: Judy Jenks
Rising Star Award: Brenda Kozak & Nicole Goitia
Scholarship Winners: Larissa Rodriguez & Steve Fetcho
2020 VCNP Awards Distinguished NP Award: Amy Johnson
Education Award: Elke Jones-Zschaebitz
NP Advocate Award: Rosie Taylor-Lewis
Founder’s Award: Delphine Everhart
President’s Award: Olivia Newby & Thomas Phillips, Jr.
Scholarship Winners: Rachel Cloutier & Kori Lapham
2019 VCNP Awards Distinguished NP Award: Shelly Smith
Education Award: Pamela Bierniacki
NP Advocate Award:  Paula Hill-Collins
President’s Award: Cindy Fagan
Scholarship Winners: Mary Baker & Melissa Palka
2018 VCNP Awards Distinguished NP Award: Carole Everhart
Education Award: Mary Deivert
NP Advocate Award: Del. Roxann Robinson
Founders Award: Timmye Ross
President’s Award: Cindy Fagan
Scholarship Winner: Cindy Fagan
2017 VCNP Awards Distinguished NP Award: Rebecca Bates
Education Award: Victoria Bierman
NP Advocate Award: Connie Henry
2016 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Phyllis Everett
Education Award: Rhonda Arthur
NP Advocate Award: David Cattell
Scholarship Winner: Michele Hughes
2015 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Sara Hallowell
Education Award: Laura LaRue
NP Advocate Award: Peter Bolling
Scholarship Winner: Dawn Bourne and Judy Branscom
2014 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Kristen Anders
Education Award: Lana Sargent
NP Advocate Award: David DeBiasi
Founder’s Award: Lynn Poole, FNP-BC and Maureen Flattery
Scholarship Winner: Robin Hills
AANP NP Advocate Award: Pat Selig
AANP NP Excellence Award: Pete Hill
Recognition of Ann Bennett
2013 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Rebekah Compton
Education Award: Andrea Knopp
NP Advocate Award: Cindy Fagan & Mark Coles
Scholarship Winner: Emily Akerson
2012 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: HoChong Gilles
Education Award: Carol Ballard
Founders Award: Cindy Fagan
NP Advocate Award: Judy Collins
2012 AANP Awards Excellence Award: Carol Nido
State NP Advocate Award: Cindy Fagan
State NP Excellence Award: Carol Nido.
2011 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Sharon Strang
Education Award: Sarah Strauss
Founders Award: Elaine Ferrary
Scholarship Winner: Patricia Anne Kinser
2011 AANP Awards Excellence Award: Carol Nido
Advocate Award: Cindy Fagan
2010 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Kevin Brigle
Education Award: Angelina Harman
Founders Award: Pat Newton & Pete Hill
2009 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Susan Donckers
Education Award: Mary Hope Gibson
Founders Award: Diana Oddenino
2008 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Kathleen Putnam
Education Award: Laurie Buchwald
Founders Award: Judy Collins & Anne Campbell
2007 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Libby Guilfoyle & Mary Duggan
Education Award: Mary Lou Weiss
Founders Award: Diane Hanna
2006 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Barbara Call
Education Award: Maureen Flattery
2005 VCNP Awards Founders Award: Myra Lindquist (1st recipient)
Education Award: Sharon Strang
2004 VCNP Awards Distinguished Award: Ann Bennett

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