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Shenandoah Region-General Meeting Minutes November 2019

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

November 2019 Meeting

November 21, 2019

Members in attendance:  Maria Circosta, Barbara Call, Amy Graham,
Chris Moore, Andrea Knopp, Kasey Saunders, Allison Chupp, Maretta Yoder, Vicky
Sullivan, Mary Faith Dudley, Sharon Strang, Susan Adamson, Sarah Stowell 

NP Students in attendance:  Kymber Beers, Heather Codding, Cheryl Miller,
Allison MonterroZo, Ashley Singleton, Emily Johnson, Crystal O’Connor, Sarah
Gibson, Natalie Detrich

Meeting Location: 
Taste of Thai Restaurant. Harrisonburg, VA.

Speaker:  Allison
Chupp FNP discussed details regarding the start up and daily operations of her
NP run health clinic, North Mountain Clinic in Broadway VA. 

Business Meeting:  

  1.  Future meetings were
    discussed.  Further details TBD. 

-Dates tentatively set for 2/20/20,
4/16/2020, 9/24/2020, and 11/19/2020

  • Maria
    Circosta shared information from the VCNP Board Meeting:

- Lynchburg and Charlottesville CME

- Education regarding dangers of vaping.

- Further discussion about opioids and
prescribing practices. 

-There was extensive discussion
regarding autonomous practice.  There is frustration
with the low number of NP’s in Virginia obtaining their license to practice
independently- only 15% of eligible NP’s have obtained the licensure.  Eligible nurse practitioners are encouraged
to apply for this license.  VCNP is
willing to help members through the attestation process if needed.  VCNP is looking into targeting AANP members
residing in Virginia for membership.

     -There was discussion
about adding a student liaison to the board as a non-voting member,

       but details
regarding their role and length of term need to be finalized. 

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah Region- General Meeting Minutes September 2019

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

September 2019 Meeting

September 19, 2019

In attendance:  Maria Circosta, Barbara Call, Monica Heck, Amy Graham, Erin Morris, Maretta Yoder, Sarah Stowell, Andrea Knopp, Kymber Beers, Rachel Talbot and Vicky Sullivan

Non-Members in attendance:  Julie
Pierantoni RN-Diabetes educator

Meeting Location: 
Montpelier Restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA

Meeting Topic:  Pharmacological Approaches to Type 2 Diabetes
Mellitus Treatment

Speaker:  Joe
Ogden:  Senior Medical Science Liaison
for Sanofi

Business Meeting:  

  1. Discussion about full practice authority.

  • Discussion
    about residency issues and whether new NP’s should have requirements.

  • Discussion
    about on-line nurse practitioner programs.

  • Next
    Meeting:  11/21/2019:  Allison Chupp NP will discuss opening her own
    clinic.  Location:  Taste of Thai restaurant in Harrisonburg
    VA.  6 pm for social gathering with plans
    to start meeting and dinner at 6:30 PM. 

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah region- General Meeting Minutes April 2019

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

April 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2019

Members in attendance:  Monica Heck, Erin Morris, Barbara Call, Diana
Oddenino and Maretta Yoder

NP Students in attendance:  Sarah Gibson and Maria Circosta

Meeting Location:  Taste
of Thai Restaurant. Harrisonburg, VA.

Business Meeting:  

  1.  Future meetings were

by Sanofi Pharmaceutical.  Diabetes

Location:  Montpelier Restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA.

Allison Chupp NP will speak about opening her own practice/clinic. 

Location:  TBD.

  • Discussion
    regarding autonomous practice and the challenges associated with obtaining this
    licensure.  Several members have applied
    for and received independent practice. 

  • Erin
    Morris, president, discussed multiple VCNP committees which the Shenandoah
    region still needs representation on. 
    Currently we only have the membership committee covered.  Diana Oddenino graciously agreed to sit on
    the public relations committee.  Thanks

  • The
    group further discussed ways we could promote nurse practitioner’s in our
    region.  Ideas included:  more on-line exposure, daily news record
    articles, assistance of Jenny Hansborough with Sentara RMH, participation in
    local 5K’s, etc…

  • Discussion
    continued regarding the on-going challenges in getting our local nurse
    practitioners involved in VCNP. 

  • Diana
    Oddenino made a motion that the Shenandoah region board members would have
    their annual VCNP conference fee paid for by the region as a thanks for their
    service.  The motion received a second
    and passed unanimously.  This will begin
    starting 2020. 

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah region- General Meeting Minutes February 2019

VCNP-Shenandoah Region


February 2019 Meeting Minutes


February 21, 2019


In attendance:  Erin Morris, Monica Heck, Mary Atkins, Maretta Yoder, Barbara Call, Andrea Knopp, Heather Camp, Holly Kellett, Tamie McDonald-Brower, Haley Tusing, Melody Mast, Sharon Zook, Diana Oddenino, Pamela Gipson, Donna Thacker and Victoria Krauss


NP Students in attendance:  Sarah Gibson, Maria Circosta, Jae Anaza, Hannah Ferguson and Kelsey Fortin


Meeting Location:  Bella Luna Restaurant. Harrisonburg, VA.


Meeting Topic:  Holly Kellett NP presented a talk on Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Business Meeting:


  1. Future meetings were discussed.

-4/18/19- Antipsychotic Medications in Dementia by Rimma Wolfe, Pharm D.  Location TBD.

-9/29/19-sponsored by Sanofi Pharmaceutical.  Diabetes Management.  Location TBD.

-11/21/19- Speaker and location TBD.


Andrea Knopp mentioned having an independent NP present to the group regarding her personal experience.  We will check with Allison Chupp NP to see if she is available and willing to discuss opening her own clinic.


  1. VCNP conference will be held in Roanoke from March 6-9, 2019.  The Shenandoah chapter needs to donate a basket for the raffle fundraiser.  Diana Oddenino graciously offered to purchase the contents and put the basket together. Erin Morris or Andrea Knopp will take the basket to the conference.


  1. Announcement of new officers and future request for committee members. Erin Morris, President currently receives emails from all committees and feels inundated with the massive amount of information, and therefore feels unable to adequately disseminate.  She feels this is not doing justice to our members and does not give our local NP’s the benefit of involvement.  Erin Morris will send out an email to local members with more information.


  1. Autonomous practice and GR update.  Several members have applied for and received independent practice.  There are still barriers such as payment which led into discussion of new HB that was postponed per anthem’s request.   (or else they would recommend it for “study” which would extends its release for 2 years).  Barriers also from facility by-laws in which autonomous practice not recognized.


  1. Announcement that Melody Mast, CNM will present a talk on Menopause at Sentara RMH on March 7, 2019.


  1. Diana Oddenino, a founder of our local group is offering to take on more responsibility.


  1. Sharon Zook announced her retirement at the end of this school year.


The meeting was then adjourned.





Respectively submitted.



Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah Region General Meeting Minutes-September 2018

VCNP-Shenandoah Region


September 2018 Meeting Minutes


September 13, 2018


Members in attendance:  Chinor Fattahi, Maria Circosta, Susan Adamson, Barbara Call, Haley Tusing, Mary Atkins, Monica Heck, Andrea Knopp, Vicky Sullivan, Christine Yutzy, Lynne Eggert, Sue Klassen, Erin Morris, Maretta Yoder, Katelyn Marzolf, Victoria Krauss.


Meeting Location:  Bella Luna Restaurant, Harrisonburg, VA


Meeting Topic:  Jennifer Bryant, ACNP-BC, ACHPN presented a talk on “Palliative Care, Our Piece of the Puzzle.”  1.0 Contact hour of CME provided for participants.


Business Meeting:  

  1. Minutes from the February 2018 meeting were approved.


  1. Paige French was unable to attend the meeting, but sent an email reminder regarding the Legislative Meeting which will be held September 26, 2018 at the Augusta Health Community Care Building in Fishersville, VA.  Monica Heck NP graciously agreed to attend and will represent the Shenandoah Region.


  1. President, Erin Morris, reminded members of the upcoming November elections for the Shenandoah Region.  All positions are open including President, President- elect, Treasurer, Secretary and Historian. An email will go out to members asking for nominations. Elections will be held during the business portion of the November 15, 2018 meeting in addition to an email ballot. Vicky Sullivan agreed to remain on the ballot for the Treasurer position.


  1. Discussion regarding how new graduates can hear about our local group. Members were reminded that Nurse Practitioners and students wanting to obtain membership should go through the VCNP website. We also have a Facebook page.


  1. It was brought to the group’s attention that our events are not consistently on the VCNP website. In addition, certain members have not been getting the email notifications.  Erin Morris will look into the issue of events not being published.  It was thought likely some members were not notified secondary to recent membership renewals, and perhaps not showing up as current members since their membership briefly lapsed.


  1. Next meeting was discussed:

-11/15/18:  at Bella Luna.  Speaker:  Remma Zygerman, Pharmacist.  Exact topic has not been finalized.  Efforts will be made to obtain CME credit.


The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah region- general minute meetings- February 2018

VCNP-Shenandoah Region


February 2018 Meeting Minutes


February 15, 2018


Members in attendance:  Barbara Call, Erin Morris, Monica Heck, Maria Circosta NP student, Mary Atkins, Sheri Tratnack, Paige French, Maretta Yoder, Christine Yutzy, Vicky Sullivan, Chinor Fattahi, Jennifer Bryant, Mary Faith Dudley, Susan Adamson, Ambi Zeller-Hahn.


Meeting Location:  Taste of Thai Restaurant. Harrisonburg, VA.


Meeting Topic:  Sherri Tratnack NP presented a talk on Psychotropic medications in primary care:  How far should we go?


Business Meeting:


  1. Minutes from the November 2017 meeting were approved.


  1. Discussion regarding purchase of a projector and screen for use at our meetings.  Approximate cost of $175.00.  Consensus was to proceed with purchase. Maretta Yoder plans to purchase prior to our September 2018 meeting.


  1. President, Erin Morris reminded us of the VCNP annual conference in March of 2018.  The Shenandoah region needs to provide a raffle basket with value of $150.00.  Erin will purchase the basket and Monica Heck agreed to deliver the basket to the conference.


  1. Future meetings were discussed.

-4/19/18- will be sponsored by Sanofi Pharmaceuticals.  Venue to be determined.

-9/20/18-will be at Bella Luna.  Palliative Care from Sentara RMH will provide education.  Attempts will be made to get CE credits.

-11/15/18-will tentatively be at Bella Luna.  Speaker will be a pharmacist, Remma Zygerman.  She plans on further discussing mood stabilizers, antidepressants and antipsychotics.  Again, eff orts will be made to obtain CE credits.

-There was discussion regarding a summer meeting; however, it was felt that with everyone’s different schedules, there would likely be a low attendance.  For now, will continue with the 2 spring and 2 fall meetings.


  1. There was a lengthy discussion regarding HB 793. President, Erin Morris reviewed the specifics of the bill.  Discussion revolved around concerns of how this would impact practice and whether we should be in favor or opposed to this bill.  There were opinions voiced on both sides.  Erin Morris has continued to relay our concerns to VCNP and has kept the Shenandoah members up to date on their responses.


  1. Our next meeting will be on Thursday April 19, 2018.  The meal will be sponsored by Sanofi Pharmaceuticals.  Speaker and venue to be determined.



The meeting was then adjourned.





Respectively submitted.



Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah Region General Meeting Minutes-November 2017

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

November Meeting Minutes


November 9, 2017


Members in attendance: Cinor Fattahi, Ruth Holmaas, Tracy Seefried, Erin Morris, Sue Klassen, Diana Oddenino, Maretta Yoder, Monica Heck, Barbara Call, Susan Adamson

Meeting Location: Taste of Thai Restaurant, Harrisonburg VA.

Meeting Topic: Family Based Treatment for Adolescents with Eating Disorders. Speaker: Sue Klassen


Business Meeting:

1. Minutes from the September 2017 meeting were approved.

2. Members introduced themselves.

3. Susan Adamson, Membership Chair, announced that we currently have 69 members in the Shenandoah region, which is down about 10 members from last year this time.

4. Susan Adamson announced that she would need to step down as Membership Chair. This position requires 4-5 telephone meetings per year and these calls have moved to Wednesday nights, which doesn’t work with her schedule. In addition, it requires sending out reminders to local nurse practitioners if there membership drops. Monica Heck has graciously agreed to take over as membership chair.

5. President, Erin Morris reminded us that Ambi Zeller-Hahn is stepping down from her position on the legislative committee, effective January 1, 2018. This next year is going to be the biggest legislative push in the past decade for full independent practice. We are looking for a member to take on this committee position.

6. Erin Morris also informed us that there are legislative packets available if we visit any of our legislatures- the state organization wants to know who we are visiting. Members were encouraged to see Erin Morris if they had questions or wanted to receive packets.

7. Ms. Morris also reminded members that if there are exciting things happening in our places of employment or in our region to let her know so that this can be highlighted in the State newsletter.

8. Erin also mentioned that our region does not currently have any signage. These signs are helpful to put out at restaurants or local events. There was unanimous agreement to pursue purchasing a sign. Erin Morris will look into the cost.

9. Erin announced that if anyone is interested in running for state elections to let her know. The state board is always looking for more candidates.

10. Next meetings tentatively planned for February 15, 2018 and April 19, 2018. Maretta Yoder will work on speaker and venue.


The meeting was then adjourned.



Respectively submitted.


Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah Region General Meeting Minutes-September 2017

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

September Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2017

Members in attendance:  Erin Morris, Sue Klassen, Diana Oddenino, Vitoria Sullivan, Ruth Holmaas, Maretta Yoder, Chino Fattahu  Mary Faith Dudley

Meeting Location:  Local Chop and Grill House. Harrisonburg, VA.

Meeting Topic: Meeting was sponsored by Lilly Pharmaceutical.  Once weekly Trulicity- injectable option for patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.  Speaker:  Dr. James Mulinda, endocrinologist from Roanoke, VA. 

Business Meeting:

  1. Minutes from the April 2017 meeting were approved.

  1. President, Erin Morris informed us that she will be attending the State Board Meeting on  Saturday September 23, 2017 at Boars Head Inn.  She invited others to attend. 

  1. Erin Morris also informed the group that Ambi Zeller-Hahn has decided to step down from her position on the legislative committee.  An e-mail will be sent to members looking for volunteers to join this committee.

4.  Members were encouraged to attend the Conference on Opioids at James Madison University on Saturday October 21, 2017 from 9 AM to 4 PM.  An e-mail will be sent to members. 

5.  Next meeting will be on Thursday November 9, 2017.  Plan is to find a speaker and meet at either Bella Luna or Taste of Thai restaurant. 

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted.

Maretta Yoder, Secretary

Shenandoah Region General Meeting Minutes April 2017

VCNP-Shenandoah Region

Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2017



Persons in attendance: Erin Morris, Vicky Sullivan, Christine Yutzy, Lynne Eggert, Susan Adamson, Kaya Norton, Marty Jones, Elizabeth Philpott, Ambi Zeller-Hahn, Ruth Holmaas, Mary Faith Dudley, Barbara Call, Mary Atkins, Sharon Strang Zook, Paige French and Maretta Yoder


Meeting location:  RMH Atrium.  Meal was catered by Taste of Thai Restaurant.


Meeting topic:  “Atrial Fibrillation” by Beth Poore-Bowman NP


Business Meeting:


  1. Minutes from the February 2017 meeting were approved.



  1. Members were encouraged to contribute at least $10.00 to the PAC fund.


  1. It was announced that the Homestead location was being taken out of the VCNP conference rotation. Norfolk Hilton on Main has been added.


  1. Paige French was thanked for putting together the basket from our region for the raffle fundraiser at the VCNP annual conference.


  1. It was announced that the VCNP Membership committee has decided to transition to a once a year cycle for membership renewals.


  1. Shenandoah chapter election results were announced. There were a total of 22 votes with no write-ins.

Newly elected officers include:

President:  Erin Morris, upon licensure

President-elect:  Ruth Holmass

Treasurer:  Vicky Sullivan.



  1. Paige French has graciously agreed to remain chapter president until Erin Morris obtains licensure.


  1. Job openings in the area were announced:

-Free Clinic is hiring a part time NP.

-Hospice is hiring a part-time NP.

-Sentara RMH is hiring multiple positions:

-Outpatient internal medicine with Dr. Urena Hernandez.

-Outpatient family medicine with Dr. Wenger and Monica Clark Covert NP

-Palliative care at the hospital.

-Behavioral health in outpatient clinic.

-Hospitalist day position.


  1. Members and attendees were invited to a Pharmaceutical dinner meeting from Basaglar rep.  Thursday April 27, 2017, 6:30 PM at the Chop House.  Brochure was distributed and members were encouraged to attend.


  1. Next meeting will be held in September 2017.  Date, topic and location TBD.

-Multiple persons have expressed interest in speaking to our group:

-Counselor from Bridgewater College who is a trauma expert and willing to speak on Trauma informed care.

-Pharmaceutical representative from Basaglar.

-Local pharmacist, who is a friend of Amy Graham is willing to speak.


  1. Discussion about a summer meeting by the Eliquis rep with Pfizer. Maretta Yoder will contact representative about a possible dinner meeting in the next 6-8 weeks.



The meeting was then adjourned.


Respectively submitted,


Maretta Yoder, Secretary.

Shenandoah Region Board Meeting Minutes January 31, 2017

VCNP-Shenandoah Region Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2017


Members in attendance:  Paige French, Victoria Sullivan, Mary Atkins, Susan Adamson, Erin Morris, Ambi Zeller- Hahn and Maretta Yoder

Meeting Location:  Go-To Meeting

Meeting topic:  Update from the VCNP State Board Meeting and issues specific for Shenandoah Region.


The following issues were discussed: 

  1. Full practice bill from December of 2016. VCNP found out VHHA was putting in their own bill. We will not move forward without AANP support.  We want to take out team based care and increase access to care.  VCNP is committed to vet our plans with AANP.

-Issues of concern:  Employers say NP’s are not coming out of school prepared to be independent.  –No board oversight of NP education in Virginia.   –Online programs are being questioned.

  1. Challenge PAC funds. $2500 has been raised with goal of $10,000.00.  This money is to support our legislators and must come out of PAC not from the organization.  Members can donate directly on the website and challenge is $10.00 per member or a total of $720.00 for our region.

  2. Bylaws for the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners Shenandoah Region were briefly reviewed and board members were encouraged to review more thoroughly on their own time.

  3. Discussion of the VCNP conference in Williamsburg on March 8-11. Attendees were reminded to bring non-perishable food items or money to donate to the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank.

  4. Call for nominations and elections. The Shenandoah region is currently accepting nominations for the President, President-elect and Treasurer.  Nominations are due by March 1, 2017 and should be sent to Sharon Zook at

  5. Susan Adamson updated us on membership. Currently 76 members.   She will email the list of persons who have dropped their membership as well as complete list of members.  Attendees were reminded to encourage others to get involved at the local and state level.

  6. Discussion of how to mentor new graduates and get them involved.

  7. We celebrated the Veterans Affair Hospital achieving full practice authority for nurse practitioners.

  8. Plan to post more information from the Shenandoah Region on our Facebook page in an effort to get more people involved.

  9. Victoria Sullivan gave a treasurer’s update. Approximately $6,000.00 in the account and $3,000 in a CD.  The CD was further discussed and decision made for the new administration to consider the CD and what we want to do with this money.  What is the purpose?

  10. After discussion, decision was made to offer an honorarium to Dr. Hedrick, who will be our speaker on ERAS at the February 2017 meeting.  We appreciate her willingness to share her expertise with us.

  11. April meeting will be moved to April 20, 2017. Further details to come.


The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectively submitted,

Maretta Yoder, secretary



Shenandoah Region

The Shenandoah region includes:
Alleghany County, Augusta County, Bath County, Buena Vista City, Covington City, Harrisonburg City, Highland County, Lexington City, Rockbridge County, Rockingham County, Staunton City, Waynesboro City

Regional Officers

Erin Elizabeth Morris
Maria J. Circosta
Past President
Paige W. French
Maretta Yoder
Victoria Sullivan
Monica A. Heck

Events and Conferences