Piedmont Regional News

Interested in helping to plan 2022 Pharmfest?

We are planning for next year. Reach out to Katy Morgan at keb7f@virginia.edu if you're interested in getting involved.

VCNP Piedmont Region Monthly Leadership Meeting - June 2021

Are you interested in becoming more involved in Piedmont VCNP? We need new members on our team for several leadership positions and always love hearing new ideas! Join us for the VCNP Piedmont Region Monthly Leadership Meeting on Tuesday, June 2. These meetings are open to all regional members and held on the first Tuesday of every month at Kardinal Hall in Charlottesville.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact VCNP Piedmont Region President, Katy Morgan, at keb7f@virginia.edu.

(Food and drink cost is not covered.)

Piedmont VCNP Charity/Gift Application

Piedmont VCNP Charity/Gift Application/May 2021

The Piedmont VCNP chapter is committed to helping our health care community.  Our chapter raises money every year from different activities and would like to give back to the community.  We would like to offer a gift to a charity that our members are involved with or have a relationship throughout the health community. This year we have funds available to give 6 monetary gifts. Also, we would appreciate if your charity would let us know how the gift was used. If you have a charity that is need of help this year or any questions, please fill out this form and send it to dkf7a@virginia.edu

Piedmont Region

The Piedmont region includes:
Albemarle County, Buckingham County, Charlottesville City, Cumberland County, Fluvanna County, Greene County, Louisa County, Madison County, Nelson County

Regional Officers

Katy Morgan
Renee E Gay
Past President
Kimberly Staton Bednar
Michelle Washburn Otto
Gerald Montoya
Government Relations
Sarah Margaret Spriggs
Alison Baumann
Dawn W Bourne
Dawn W Bourne
Public Relations
Darla Topley
Beth Jaeger-Landis
Elke Jones Zschaebitz
Nominations and Awards
Dawn W Bourne
Nominations and Awards
Ashley Viars
Conference Committee
Rebekah M. Compton
Keith J Haynes

Events and Conferences