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Southside Step Challenge

November 19, 2015


The Southside region co-sponsored the Louie Fields 5K at the Danville Family YMCA as part of the Southside Step Challenge


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Southside Step Challenge

June 5, 2015

Southside Step Challenge


The Southside Step Challenge is a 10,000 step a day challenge designed by local Nurse Practitioners to help improve health in the Southside region.


By joining our event, you get health tips, group support, and chances to win great prizes! There are no fees and no obligations…just simply commit to move more each day.


To join, follow our event page on Facebook or email


The American Heart Association suggests that walking is the best exercise for your heart. We say walking can be fun! Let’s get moving Southside…


Sponsored by

The Southside Region of the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners


Southside Region

The Southside region includes:
Danville City, Halifax County, Henry County, Martinsville City, Patrick County, Pittsylvania County

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Marilyn Phillips-Grossman
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