History – Legislative


YearBill #PatronImpact on Practice
1973Medical Practice Act was amended allowing Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to perform medical practice acts under physician supervision. Regulations were to be promulgated under the BON & Board of Medicine (Joint Boards)
1986Provisional practice status for NPs pending certification
1988Certification changed to licensure (LNP) through change in regulations. Regulations less restrictive – modify definition of supervision
1990HB 768SJR 24Mary MarshallFirst attempt at prescriptive authority, bill pulled at request of VCNPDeveloped the Task Force on Access and Barriers to the Services of Nurse Practitioners
1991HB 1402
SB 606
Mary Marshall
Elliot Schewel
NPs gain limited prescriptive authority – schedule VI
1994SJR 164Elliot SchewelRequested the Joint Commission on Healthcare study of NPs showed reimbursement issues, lack of provider status, prescriptive authority restrictions were barriers to NP practice
1995SB 984Elliot SchewelRatio of NP/MD supervision of NPs with prescriptive authority raised from 2:1 to 4:1 with sunset clause to revert back in 2000
1998SB 431Edward HouckAllow NPs to conduct physicals for school bus driversVCNP meets for legislative strategy session in Charlottesville
1999SB 744
HB 1958HB 2341
John Edwards

Chris Jones

Continue NP/MD supervision ratio at 4:1, lifting a sunset clause in legislation in 1995 that would have reverted back to 2:1
Allowed NPs & PAs to dispense manufacturers samples
2000HB 818Jeannemarie DevolitesPrescriptive authority schedules III-VI
2001HB 2093Jeannemarie DevolitesEliminated requirement for NPs with prescriptive authority to obtain controlled substance registrationVCNP meets for legislative strategy session in Charlottesville
2002SB 101Janet HowellAllowed NPs to order Physical Therapy services
2004HB 855Chris JonesSignature & certification legislation
2006SB 456Jeannemarie Devolites-DavisPrescriptive authority schedule II
2007HB 2416Clay AtheyNP Immunity for lab tests ordered by another provider
Did not report out of sub-committee
2008SB 63Janet HowellMandated at least one of the seven seats on BON to be a NP
2009VCNP meets for legislative strategy session in Richmond

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