For information regarding coverage and limits, please visit to review and download a brochure containing policy information.

Dear VCNP colleague,
I am writing to tell you that VCNP, after many months of hard work, has successfully negotiated a malpractice policy with Marsh that will better help protect you and all of Virginia’s nurse practitioners against future liability risks.
As you may know, the recommended levels for malpractice insurance for Virginia’s health care practitioners are $2 million, with a $6 million aggregate.  In the past, these policy limits were not available commercially for Virginia’s nurse practitioners.  However, after much discussion, Marsh has created a policy that meets the recommended policy limits.
Having a higher aggregate insurance limit will better protect nurse practitioners from liability risks.  For instance, if you are involved in an action that results in a $2 million settlement, a higher aggregate will ensure you have an additional $4 million in coverage should another legal action be taken against you.  A higher aggregate will not only help ensure that you have the necessary resources to protect yourself, but it will better protect you from losing coverage, forcing you to find another insurance carrier, in the event of  future legal action.
I have attached a comparison chart that clarifies the various policies Marsh has in place. Please note that you must notify Marsh that you are a VCNP member in order to take advantage of any discount.
Additionally, I wanted to update you on malpractice legislation that is currently being heard in the Virginia General Assembly.  SB771 and HB1459 seek to raise the current $2 million malpractice cap at a rate of $50,000 annually.  The annual increase will begin in 2012 and end in 2032, with a total increase of $3 million.  This legislation is the result of several years’ worth of discussion with various stakeholders, and it is expected that the legislation will pass both the Senate and the House.   I wanted to ensure each of you knew about this change.


Diane Walker RN, FNP-BC
Immediate Past President
Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners


Marsh U.S. Consumer, a service of Seabury & Smith, Inc., is the only insurance administrator to meet the unique needs of Virginia's Nurse Practitioners.

The chart below shows you the options that are available country wide and the competitive annual premiums. Marsh was able to meet your unique needs with a minimal increase in premium thus providing you with the coverage you need to protect your career.

If you want to upgrade your limits simply call our Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-800-503-9230.

You can apply Online at


For more information regarding coverage and limits, please visit to review and download a brochure containing policy information.

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